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Etched Glass graphic

The process of etched glass can be achieved in many methods, most common is sandblasting. This is achieved by forcing an abrasive by means of high pressure compressed air. The force mixed with the abrasive compound cuts into the glass giving the glass a frosted surface. Designs can be created by cutting a mask or stencil by either hand or computer aided cutting/plotter - the machine cutting process allows logos to be exactly duplicated as well as small text or fine scroll work to be completed. The success of the finished product rests mainly on the setup of the glass. When etching glass any mistake in either the setup or the etching process will result in a piece that is worthless and will need to be remade. We refer to this process of etching glass as "one way or no way." Etched glass has many uses including identification and signage, this process makes it perfect for privacy applications.

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